End of Life Windows 7

After an extensive run, Microsoft has announced that the beloved Windows 7 operating system will reach the end of its life on January 14th, 2020. This end of life Windows 7 status means that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support to the operating system. Additionally, Microsoft will not be releasing any new updates or security fixes for the operating system. Starting on April 18th, Windows 7 users will begin to see notifications informing them the end is near for their operating system. These will include tips to help your platforms for the end of life Windows 7 still in use.

Microsoft has announced its end of life Windows 7 schedule.

Thankfully, Microsoft provides users with a help page which lays out what steps users need to take to prepare and upgrade to Windows 10. Users can either purchase a Windows 10 license and upgrade their current PC, upgrade to new hardware with Windows 10 installed, or move to a new platform if they choose. Select older hardware does run Windows 10 quite well. However, if you utilize a system built to run Windows 7, you may encounter difficulties down the line. Older hardware may struggle to keep up as newer updates and changes are added to Windows 10. For this reason, TecFac believes end of life Windows 7 presents a strategic time to upgrade your hardware. The biggest headache of migration is making sure you have all necessary information and files backed up properly, through either an external drive or cloud storage. This process can be frustrating for some organizations with a huge amount of files to migrate. In this event, it may be helpful having IT professionals to facilitate the migration process for your business. Additionally, Microsoft details how to migrate important data via your Microsoft account and OneDrive.

While Windows 7 users may be reluctant to leave their rock solid OS, Windows 10 has come along way over the last few years and will not be a major learning curve for Windows 7 users looking to switch. For many of us who have become acclimated to utilizing one operating system for years, phasing it out can be a frustrating prospect to face. However, moving to newer and consistently supported operating systems will help your company stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Break Away from Windows 7 with TecFac

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