Why Microsoft Teams Going Forward Will Be Huge

Communication platforms are critical to the efficient and competitive operating of businesses today. There is a huge variety of different platforms companies can utilize for their telecommunication operations. In the market today, Skype for Business is one of the most comprehensive and effective tools. However, Microsoft is planning to slowly eliminate Skype for Business by integrating its features into their new platform, Microsoft Teams. Teams possess all of the features of Skype for Business while offering strategic advancements that will help change how you do business. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Microsoft teams going forward.

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Enhanced Collaboration Capabilities

One of the key features of Teams is how it prioritizes collaboration, allowing for the creation of individual teams, networks of contacts placed together into their own groups with a persistent chat instant messaging system. From here, Teams can collaborate on a variety of communication methods through video, audio, chat conferences, file sharing, and project management applications. All of the information put into the Team will be logged, with an easy to use search function allowing you to quickly access any information you need at a moments notice.


While better collaboration tools are great, they won’t do much without a user-friendly interface. Thankfully, Microsoft Teams is built with user interactivity in mind. All of your separate Teams can be properly categorized in the Teams log so you can transition from chats to video calls all within the screen. See Microsoft’s introduction to the UI of Teams below.

Application Integration

One of the keynote features of Microsoft Teams going forward is its app integration with other products in the Office 365 suite and for the first time, third-party applications. The 3rd party application integration is continuing to grow, with applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, PowerBI, cloud storage providers, and project management suites. All of these apps can be utilized within the collaborative space of your Team, keeping all communications in a single searchable thread.

Microsoft Teams Going Forward

Microsoft Teams is the logical next step in the progression of current telecommunication trends. Businesses now more than ever are in search of more efficient and flexible means of communicating and collaborating. Teams prioritize the needs of businesses and present tools that meet these needs. Ready to transition to the Teams platform? Let the experienced team at TecFac assist you. With decades of experience in IT solutions, we quality test every new platform to assess how it can best be leveraged to give your business a step ahead. Contact us for a consultation today.

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