TecFac On-boards Centennial Real Estate

The TecFac Team is pleased to announce the on-boarding of its newest client, Centennial Real Estate. Centennial is leveraging its 50 year heritage in the industry to shape the evolution of American retail by creating superior shopping and entertainment destinations. With 7.3 million square feet and 1,144 retail partners, Centennial is deepening its roots in the regional shopping center industry at a pivotal time where the opportunity is as great as the imagination. They are bringing retail to life by creating experiences shoppers would never expect but always remember.

As Centennial’s Strategic Technology Partner, TecFac is leveraging its 19 years of experience in real estate technology to provide a single source for all its technology needs. From help desk and network security and management to strategic leadership and project execution, TecFac will ensure the Centennial team has the technology they need to continue reinventing retail and shaping shopping centers to meet the needs of the people surrounding them, not only as a place of commerce but a place of community.

Visit their website: https://centennialrec.com/

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