A Call to Take Network Security Measures Seriously

Funny how the budget isn’t there until it’s too late…

Recently my friend’s apartment burned down while he was at work. Unfortunately, he did not have rental insurance and thus had to replace everything he lost – which was everything. And It was clear to me the similirarities between this situation and the vulnerability of network security.

It got me thinking about a phrase my coworker, Michael, says, “Funny how the budget isn’t there until it’s too late…”

Michael is often asked to react after the fact and restore data lost or comprimised in preventable attacks and threats, and help people when things have gone wrong.

network security

During those times of putting the pieces back together, people are generally willing spend whatever it takes to undo what’s been done or to replace what’s been lost. And going forward from an incident like that, people have more in place than they did before. They don’t want to ever have to replace all of their things out-of-pocket again, or go through the regrettable process of not having files properly backed up again.

The issue with this cycle is that many are actively engaging in it, leading to overall detrimental network security habits. People tend to struggle with investing their money towards the expenses of security, proper technology, training, or insurance for what they value, until a crisis happens. Until they lose all their data. Until they are hacked. Until…an apartment fire reduces it all to ash.

What my coworker alludes to in his saying “funny how the budget isn’t there” is that many times, or most of the time, with the proper security and technology infastructure in place and insured, these crises would not have happened. However, before it does happen, the value of budgeting for these safeguards is not properly appreciated. As recent cyberattacks have illustrated, such as the 2017 “WannaCry” ransomeware attacks, lacking the proper protection costing far more in the long run than the upfront cost of building stable network security.

As you are crafting, adjusting and approving 2019 budgets, can you make sure you aren’t leaving out something that could save you a lot in the future? A lot of time, money, tears, hard work. Are you sure you know how safe of an environment you have? Is your network security stable enough to fend off disaster when it inev-itably strikes? 

If you are not confident in what you have or what you need, TecFac can help. It’s what we’ve been doing for the last 18 years. It’s what we help people do every day.

Contact us to have an audit of your technology and secrutiy infastructure and discover what can be helpful for when future crises occur and how your company can prevent them in the first place.

We know that sometimes terrible things happen and there isn’t anything that can be done about it. However, to protect the data you care about most, it’s always a worthwhile investment to safeguard it against threats. We are here to help bring security and help supply you with certainty and peace of mind, even in uncertain times.

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