How to Schedule a Skype for Business Meeting

Skype for Business Meetings can be used to create any kind of online meeting you need for your particular use case.  Whether you need a simple audio conference call or a large online meeting with IM, Video, screen sharing, and presentations, you can run any type of meeting that suits your needs with ease.  It also gives you many options in how you can customize the meeting and set permissions.

  1. To begin scheduling the meeting, make sure both your Outlook and Skype for Business client are both open simultaneously. Open Outlook and navigate to your calendar. Select an empty slot of time and click on the “New Skype Meeting” button on the ribbon at the top. 

2. This will open a new meeting invite and you call fill out the typical meeting invite information, who the invite is for, the time, subject and location.  You will notice in the body of the invite all your conferencing information will be automatically populated.

3. At the top ribbon, you will now see a button saying Meeting Options, these options allow you to set permissions for the meeting.  This will help you create the meeting format you want and you can set the setting for just the single meeting, or all meetings going forward.  You can decide who is presenting, who has access to the conference, whether IM and Video are turned on, and if all attendees are muted by default.  Once you have customized your settings you can either hit “OK,” and just this meeting will carry those settings, or choose “Remember Settings” to have all future meetings.

4. Once you have set the options and filled out all the fields, you are free to send your Skype Meeting.

5. At the Schedule time of the meeting you can join the meeting from your computer in three places: Outlook Calendar, Skype for Business Client, or directly from the meeting reminder.  You can also dial in by phone, or join from the Skype for Business mobile client.  It gives you maximum flexibility in where you want to join from.

We hope this quick tutorial was helpful.

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