OneNote Updates for Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps

Last week, Microsoft announced new updates for OneNote web, desktop, and mobile apps. Before regularly using OneNote for notetaking, I used a mixture of Word documents and handwritten notes to keep track of my lists. This ran the risk of losing important notes, and it also built a backlog of old Word files that took up space on my computer. With OneNote, I am much more efficient and all of my notes are cataloged, so I was excited to hear that new features came out.
Audio Recording
You can now record audio on the web, iPhone, and iPad app. This will come in handy for those who use their tablet or mobile device to record lectures or seminars for school or work. Also, this detail will help for interviews and meetings, where you use your phone to record. To start the recording, you click “Insert” and then “Record Audio”. When you want to stop the recording, you click “Stop”. Then you can press “Play” whenever you want to play the audio that you had just recorded.
This is the first version of audio recording for iOS, and the OneNote Team says that there are other features that will be added in the future.
Inserting File Attachments into OneNote Online
Along with being able to add audio in the OneNote web app, you can add file attachments. This definitely would have come in handy for me during my time in university, where PowerPoints were guaranteed to play behind the professor during lecture.
To attach a file to a page, you click “Insert” and then “File Attachment”. Then you can choose the file that you would like to attach.
This is a great feature for those who bring tablets into a meeting and the presenter e-mailed related documents to them beforehand. When they need to reference a detail from their meeting notes, they have the handout or PowerPoint right there in their OneNote page – no need to root through their email inbox.
Embedded Video in OneNote 2016 for Windows Desktop
After hearing this feature requested frequently from customers, the OneNote Team announced that its embedded Online Video feature is now available. Youtube, Vimeo, and Office Mix videos can be inserted into the OneNote page, with notes alongside it. To insert an online video: Click “Insert”, “Online Video”, copy and paste the address to the video, and then click OK.
As professionals’ dependence on tablets and mobile devices grows, these new features aid in the ability to work from anywhere at any time, which is highly valued here at TecFac with TeamWorkAnyWhere.

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