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I have worked in business since I was 14 years old. However, my experience with business precedes even this. My family, for generations, have been business owners and so inescapably, business is in my blood. I know no other way. I began my tenure to the field as a teenager, assisting the office manager at a commercial real estate firm, and getting mass mailers out. By 18, I was putting out bids for mass mailers. I could do them so fast, after years of experience, that an hourly wage to do the mailer wasn’t worth my time. My mind would develop processes to do these mailers the fastest. I would come in at lower bids with faster turnaround than the temp agencies previously hired and I would walk away a rich teenager.
I continued to do mailers on the side but primarily moved into corporate accounting and accounts payable. As I moved across the country, I gained some more skills in project management, accounts receivable, and tax preparation. I found that at the core of my skills was an innate ability to develop processes to help businesses do their business better. I then co-founded a business, where we helped people establish entities and develop accounting and business practices and processes.
I found that the people that we helped and worked with were passionate about their business and their fields of expertise. I helped a hairdresser, a lawn care company, a t-shirt designer, a childcare, a photographer, a dance teacher, a company that installed wood flooring, etc. These people were passionate about what they did and many of them were experts in their fields. However, most all of them had no idea how to start their business, how to make processes, or what was needed for their taxes, nor did they know anything about accounting. Why would they? They were passionate about teaching dance and botany. That’s where I came in – building processes, accounting and tax preparation are my passion and skill set. I could do what I loved doing, so that they could do what they loved doing. I, in no way, could be a hairdresser, but I can understand and develop a plan for a hairdresser to start and keep her business going and the best practices for retaining and documenting within her accounting system.
I have established numerous businesses onto accounting platforms, developed accounts payable and receivable processes, and much more.  I am a firm believer that there is always a better way, not only with accounting or mass mailers, but with any area you need to improve. Our team is well versed in developing processes for all types of technology. Whatever kind of process you need developed or tweaked, TecFac can help you. You could say we are experts at it.
At the core of my belief about business are two things:

1. There is always a better way to do things.

2. Collaboration is key to success; everyone using their skill sets help achieve the desired result.

At TecFac we work within a deep value that we each have been given skills that are unique to us, and only through collaboration can we achieve our goals. This is the vision of TecFac and it is reiterated in our tagline: We take care of your technology, so that you can take care of your business.
Can we help you make better processes for your business? Talk to our founder and CEO, Chris Saah, at 301.960.0495.

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