Embracing the Cloud

As budgets for 2014 finalize, it’s easier to duplicate spending from the prior year than to project the year ahead and the changes and advances in the market. The most cost-effective effort may not be to do what was done the year before.

In David Linthicum’s article, which appeared in Infoworld.com, regarding the increase in cloud computing, he said, “I believe the push, [in cloud growth], will still come mainly from those in the business who seek more cost-effective ways to provide IT services, decrease time to market, and increase agility.” I believe that everyone in business wants those things, especially in regards to technology. Transitioning to a cloud based solution may be less painful then you would think. Linthicum believes “It’s the application side where the value lies, and where the real work needs to be done to take meaningful advantage of the fairly low-cost cloud infrastructure.”
My colleague, Michael Joseph, our Director of Client Technology Solutions, points out that “just a few years ago, IT departments were hesitant to move their services to the cloud, perhaps for fear their positions would no longer be needed if technology and infrastructure spending shifts. I think it is really a natural, free market reaction for more cloud based IT. The technology has been vetted and it is more cost effective to move to cloud based systems.”
By converting your infrastructure to a cloud based solution you could not only reduce costs, but it could also seamlessly advance your technology. See TecFac’s Thoughts & Insights for more tips on the beneficial outcomes in utilizing latest technologies like cloud solutions. As Linthicum projects, the time has come for companies to embrace the cloud solution and in doing so they may find numerous other benefits as well.