Skype for Business – the Cure for Email Overuse

Overuse of email is rampant in American business and culture and many believe it degrades efficiency and effectiveness.
It prolongs decision making and execution because it fosters truncated, unfocused exchanges rather than thoughtful communication.
It fosters misunderstanding because it lacks all of the nuance of verbal and visual interaction.
It interrupts worker focus and concentration with its constant demand for attention.
Many companies attempt to change their corporate culture and encourage facetime, team interaction, and more constructive collaboration. But human nature tends to follow the path of least resistance and without the tools in place to support a cultural change, the status quo will prevail.
Skype for Business is the tool that can transform how companies communicate and collaborate.
By providing audio, video, chat, presence, and presentation features, Skype for Business has all of the tools teams need to stay connected.
Presence allows team members to quickly see each other’s availability. Chat allows for quick interruptions for real time needs. Voice and Video keeps your team connected and communicating far more effectively than email. And the presentation features allow people to share their desktops for easy collaboration.
Perhaps the most compelling feature of Skype for Business is its tight integration with the Microsoft Office suite in Office 365. The presence of a team member can be viewed from within an email they send or are a recipient of, and one click on their name takes you into Skype with every channel of communication available.
It is this tight integration of Office with all the Skype for Business communication channels, that helps ensure adoption and cultural transformation. It now becomes just as easy to call a team member than reply to their email.
Additionally, a Skype video conference can be embedded into an Outlook calendar meeting with one click turning every meeting into a fully functional video and presentation conference.
We and our clients have found Skype for Business to be a game changer in how we run our organizations. It has revolutionized how we communicate and collaborate and has resulted in a true transformation of our corporate culture.
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