Facebook implements Office 365 for 13,000 employees worldwide

On July 12th Facebook announced that they have implemented Office 365 for their 13,000 employees world wide.   This announcement is a great win for Microsoft and their Office 365 platform to have a high profile tech company put their entire organization’s productivity suite in Microsoft’s cloud.  Facebook’s CIO Tim Campos talks about the needs of his highly distributed global organization: “The people who use Facebook are distributed around the world, and to support them, our people are globally distributed as well. We facilitate their productivity by letting them choose the device and platform that is most effective for them. We collaborate on everything online—no files, no fragmented information stores—and we provide our employees with the ability to work anywhere and in any way they want.”
They chose Office 365 because it meets the needs of the highly distributed, highly collaborative organization, and gives its employees the freedom to use any device, at any location.  By having such a mobile organization and the ability to work anywhere at any time, your company’s data is being spread around the globe and you need for it to be secure.  He addresses this by saying, “Not only is it a mature and comprehensive platform, it meets our stringent security standards, it complements how we work with intelligence, flexibility, and it is continually evolving. It is globally deployed, accessible on every mobile platform we support, and it is secure.”
Facebook is a large tech company that can afford to develop their own proprietary productivity suite, collaboration tools, and apps to support their own organization’s needs.  It speaks volumes that a company of that size with a variety of technology resources chooses Microsoft over competing platforms or their own proprietary platform.  Not many companies in the world are as distributed, collaborative, technical, or have the need for such high security as Facebook.  If Office 365 can meet their needs, it’s capable of meeting the needs of everyone, and because of Office 365’s scalability, it works for the large enterprise, the small business, or even the single user or family.
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