Skype for Business Auto Attendant Using Office 365

Auto Attendant is one of the most important features of an enterprise phone system.  For people calling into your business, the auto attendant’s ability to route calls to the correct party is vital to the functioning of your company.  When using Skype for Business as your enterprise phone system in conjunction with Office 365 Auto Attendant, it is a very effective solution for your Auto Attendant needs.
We have a quick tutorial on how to create an Auto Attendant in Office 365.

Here are some of its best features for use in the enterprise environment:


Voice recognition:

Office 365’s UM Auto Attendant has the capability of using voice recognition for callers who want to more quickly select various options or be routed directly to other users.  Callers can say any of the menu navigation options like, “sales”, or “accounting”, or if you activate the directory function, they can say any name within the company and be automatically transferred to that user.

Unlimited Usage:

In Office 365, you can make an unlimited amount of auto attendants, as well as have an unlimited number of callers and incur no additional fees.  For companies with many offices who are used to paying monthly for auto attendants through a phone provider, this can be a huge saving.

Easy Management:

The Office 365 Auto Attendant is managed through the Exchange admin portal. The portal is easy enough that a single member of the IT can manage and make changes to your auto attendants quickly and easily from the same portal that they use to manage the rest of Office 365.

Holiday Scheduling:

The auto attendants have a holiday schedule which allows you to pre-program years’ worth of holidays in advance. Making frequent recordings for your auto attendant can be cumbersome, but with Office 365 Auto Attendant, you can record all of your holiday greetings at once and program them in advance so you don’t have to make frequent updates to your office’s Auto Attendant.
If you’d like to learn  more about Skype for Business, email me at [email protected]. We’ll talk about the best way to utilize this world-class collaboration tool.
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