Accessing Email via Outlook or Web Outlook for Office 365

Your organization must have an active Office 365 account and user accounts must be setup and appropriately licensed.  These instructions assume you already have an Office 365 Small Business Premium, Midsize Business, Enterprise E3 or E4 plan already setup and configured by your administrator.
Office 365 learning center:
Microsoft has put together a nice collection of documentation for learning about Office 365 at:
Included on this site is where to get Office 2013 for installation on the various computers you use:
Web Email:
Office 365 can be accessed via web browser by going to either or
Going to will take you directly to the Outlook Web Interface after logging in with your username and password.  Going to will take you to the Office 365 portal after logging in.
Prerequisite setup for Office 2007 or 2010:
You can use Outlook 2007, 2010, or 2013 to connect to your Office 365 email.  If you are NOT using Outlook 2013, you will need to run a program to check for needed updates before setting up email.
Here are the steps you need to take (ONLY IF YOU ARE USING OFFICE 2010 OR OFFICE 2007):

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your user ID.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Settings > Office 365 Settings > Software > Desktop setup, or go to Software > Desktop setup.
  3. On the Desktop setup page, click Set up.
  4. When you’re asked if you want to run the application, click Run, and then follow the instructions.

a.  During setup, you’ll sign in again with your user ID. Office 365 desktop setup checks your system configuration, and you’ll see options for configuring your desktop applications. You can also learn more about the updates that the desktop setup installs.
b.  After you select your desktop applications, click Continue to finish up.
If some applications have shaded checkboxes, they’re not available for you to select, perhaps because your admin hasn’t set up your account to use them with Office 365. Or your computer may not have the required applications already installed.

  1. When the desktop setup finishes, you may need to restart your computer.

Outlook Setup:
1.   Make sure Outlook is closed.  Go to your control panel and search for Mail:
2.   Click on E-mail Accounts:
3.   New:
4.  Next:
5.   Enter your name, email address, and Password.  Then click Next:
6.  Outlook will automatically find your settings and configure itself (assuming your administrator has properly setup DNS).  Click finish.
7.  You will be prompted for credentials when launching Outlook for the first time.  Enter your Office 365 username and password to complete the setup.
With the right configuration, accessing Office 365 email via the web or configuring Outlook on the desktop is a piece of cake.  If you are interested in the benefits of Office 365, TecFac can help!  Contact us for more information:

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