The Basics of Skype for Business

Every business is searching for new ways to maximize their efficiency and collaboration. Skype for Business is one of the best tools available for any sized business. It combines various communication means into one platform, allowing for greater fluidity, provides total integration into all Office applications, making it the single application for all communication. In this blog, we’ll look at the basics of Skype for Business to give you a holistic idea of how the platform works, and what its advantages are. 

skype for business

What Is Skype For Business?

Skype for Business is a unified communication that combines IM, Telephone System, calling, video calling, screen sharing, collaboration, and conferencing needs. Most large enterprises have a separate platform for many of these features and typically they do not work together seamlessly or have any integration between them. Though it can be utilized separately, Skype for Business works best when integrated with the larger Office 365 suite of services. Present in your conferences with PowerPoint, schedule meetings directly through Outlook calendar, click to dial directly from your outlook contacts, and collaborate on documents with Word during a video conference. These standout features that define Skype for Business, in addition to its device-agnostic approach.

What Is a Device-Agnostic Approach?

One of the key staples of Skype for Business that differs from its earlier iterations is the device agnostic functionality. What this means is that any device with an internet connection can be utilized for Skype for Business. The device-agnostic functionality enhances the overall usability of the platform, allowing for a relatively low bar of entry in regards to technological literacy.

What Are The Features?

Skype for Business brings together the interface and usability of the Skype platform with a suite of features tailored to the needs of the business world including:

Audio and video conferencing

Voice and video calling, including to outside numbers

Applications for PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Instant messenger

Presence indicator

PowerPoint presentation in-conference

Digital whiteboard for collaboration


Outlook Calendar integration

The Basics of Skype for Business’ Enhanced UI.

The UI of Skype for Business makes every function self-explanatory and easy to understand. From the command bars, you can make calls and video chats, send individual messages, and merge calls. The screen sharing functionality is not cumbersome, allowing for easy collaboration and presentations. See our video guide to the UI below.

Skype for Business can appear to be a complicated platform from afar, but all of its features can be easily dispensed at the touch of a few buttons. Curious if Skype for Business integration is the next logical step for your company? Give TecFac a call. We have followed and tested the development of the Skype for Business platform from its early stages as Lync to the full software suite it is now. Our experienced team can provide your business with hands-on training to ensure you can get the most out of all Skype for Business has to offer.