New Features Coming to Skype for Business

New Features

Microsoft announced in a Skype Broadcast webinar many new features coming to the Skype for Business windows client which is targeted for a March release date. Many of the new features simplify and improve content sharing and collaboration.

Auto-Accept presented content

 When someone shares content others are prompted to accept the content. This feature removes this generally unnecessary prompt. I have never run into a scenario where I rejected a screen share. Removing this prompt is minor but it should help meetings run a little smoother as its one less click for everyone.

Single Click Desktop Sharing (Single Monitor)

If you only have a single screen you don’t need to be asked which desktop would you like to share. This feature removes and unnecessary extra click that simplifies the sharing process.

Notify others when everyone can see presented content

A common phrase used on many meetings is “can everyone see the screen?” This notification should eliminate verifying with all parties in a meeting that they can see the presented content.

Smart Team Contacts

When a user first begins using Skype for business one of their first tasks is to populate their contacts list. With Smart Team Contacts your IT administrator can auto populate new users contact lists so they can instantly begin communicating with their team from day one without manually populating their list.

Meeting Reminder

Currently you get your reminder for meetings through Outlook. Now Skype for Business will remind you of meetings even inside of current calls. This is a great feature addition as the Outlook reminder is commonly ignored, where as this will pop up in your current conversations to remind you.

Video-Based Screen Sharing

By far the most exciting new features of Skype for Business is improving the frame rate of screen sharing. With the latest update they will be upgrading the frame rate from 8 frames per second to 15. Screen sharing currently is great but the slow frame rate makes certain actions choppy and disjointed. This should upgrade in frame rate will smooth the screen sharing experience and the best part is it uses even less bandwidth than before.
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