Skype For Business – Perfect For CRE

Skype for Business has emerged as the state of the art for Unified Communication. Voice and video calling, presence and instant messaging, conferencing and desktop collaboration are all one click away in a single platform.  Team members know when each other are available through presence and can choose the channel for communication best suited to them, their audience, and the type of interaction they seek.
When offered as a cloud-based service with integrated enterprise voice, it becomes a highly agile, highly scalable, cost effective solution for Universal Communication, as it replaces the traditional phone system for external as well as inter-company communication.

The demands of the Commercial Real Estate industry include:

  • Highly distributed teams working out of corporate offices, managed buildings, development projects, and client sites.
  • Fast paced takeover of projects that require quick turn up of technology.
  • Highly mobile work force.
  • Cost allocation to multiple business lines, projects, and owners.

Skype for business with integrated enterprise voice, as a cloud offering, is perfectly suited to meet these challenges:

  • Presence and video calling allow geographically diverse  teams to stay connected while desktop sharing and conferencing allow them to collaborate as if they were collocated.
  • As a cloud-based solution, new projects can be turned up in a matter of days with no need for onsite phone lines or equipment.  An internet circuit is the only infrastructure required, as dial tone is provided through the datacenter for this VoIP solution. A head set for the desk or laptop turns any workstation into a communications endpoint.
  • Call routing, visual voice mail, and mobile clients allow team members to work from anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • The monthly fees for this subscription based service allow clearly defined costs to be easily allocated, with no capital expenditures.

For the unique demands of the Commercial Real Estate Industry, few communication solutions are as comprehensive, scalable, and agile as Skype for Business as an enterprise voice platform.
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