Skype for Business Announcement

Today’s post was written by Zig Serafin, corporate vice president for the Skype for Business team.

“Enabling people to connect with one another is central to Microsoft’s mission to reinvent productivity and help people make the most of every moment. For us, connecting people means delivering experiences capable of conveying all forms of human expression—verbal, written, visual and emotional. In today’s modern workplace, productivity will increasingly be centered on conversations, whether in writing, in person, via phone or video conference call. People need communications tools that allow them to express themselves in the most natural and approachable way possible, and that work the way they do—fluidly across locations and devices.
Together with our customers and partners, Microsoft has transformed enterprise communications. Over 100 million people now use Microsoft Lync to communicate for work, with 79 percent of U.S. enterprises currently using or planning to deploy Lync for telephony. With Skype, we’re the preferred choice for consumer communications too. Skype revolutionized the way people connect with friends and family. Today, Skype sees 50 billion minutes of traffic every month—one third of the world’s long distance traffic—and over 50 percent of Skype users now come in over video.
And now, we’re bringing it all together—the familiar experience of Skype that people have come know and love, with the trusted platform in Lync that businesses around the world count on. We first announced in November that the next version of Lync would become Skype for Business. Earlier this week, we unveiled the technical preview of the Skype for Business client, which gives customers an opportunity to trial Skype for Business and begin preparing for their deployment. The Skype for Business client, Skype for Business Server, and the new service in Office 365 will begin rolling out in April.
Skype for Business is the foundation for everything we are doing next, and I couldn’t be more excited to share our vision of communication-powered productivity.

And because it’s part of Office 365, Skype for Business features like presence, IM, voice and video calls, and online meetings are integrated with the productivity tools people use every day, like email, calendaring and document collaboration. Skype for Business will combine innovation from client to cloud, while also connecting businesses to the world’s largest video network.”


For those of you familiar with Lync, here is our video comparing the new Skype client with Lync:



Here is Zig’s full post announcing Skype for Business.


If you are looking for a cloud-based Skype for Business solution, here it is: TeamWorkAnyWhere.


Feel free to reach out with your questions:


Andrew Saah
Director of TeamWorkAnyWhere
Skype for Business Evangelist
[email protected]

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