Become a Better "Yammer"

TecFac recently made the switch from Podio (a team collaboration tool by Citrix) to Yammer.  We were avid Podio users because of the capability it gave us to communicate with each other.  However, with the focus and energy Microsoft has been placing on Yammer and SharePoint, we decided to make the switch.
Making the switch to Yammer was like breaking an old habit and creating a new one.  The rule of thumb is that it usually takes at least three weeks to create a new habit.  Well, it took us a little less than two weeks to create our #YamHabit.  Now that we’ve made the switch, I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we truly enjoy it!
We will continue to look for ways to assimilate Yammer into our everyday practices and also find ways to make it easier to use.  I’ve found the #YamTips to be a very helpful resource.  Below are links to the tips that they have tweeted thus far and I highly encourage you to follow @Yammer on Twitter so that you can receive these tips as they send them out.
Want to Yam Better?  Check Out Our #YamTips
A Second Helping of #YamTips
Get the Most Out of Yammer With These #YamTips
The work Microsoft has done thus far to integrate Yammer into SharePoint has proved very beneficial.  We are looking forward to the changes they have in store, especially with the Office Graph and Oslo.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, Microsoft released their roadmap last month that includes some exciting new changes for Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint.