Is Your Office 365 Data Safe In The Microsoft Cloud?

Moving your data to the Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 has many advantages such as:

    • Less hardware and capital expenditures
    • Reducing power consumption
    • Reduced need for IT specialists on staff
    • Access to data anytime, from anywhere
    • Increased availability
    • Access to the “latest and greatest” software such as new releases of MS Office

Additional info on Office 365 security, privacy, reliability, and compliance can be found in my previous blog post.
One aspect of the Microsoft Cloud that doesn’t get much attention is the safety and security of your data where it is physically stored.  After all, the “cloud” is not some ethereal entity where your data is stored, but an actual server or servers in a data center or centers.  Microsoft has data centers all over the world and is transparent about where your data is stored.
But how does Microsoft secure my Office 365 data in these data centers?  Can an employee identify and steal my company information by simply grabbing a hard drive?  Can Microsoft engineers read my emails and access my files?
Below is a nice video from the program manager for Office 365 engineering explaining how Microsoft keeps your data safe by taking steps such as:

      • Obscuring what customer data is physically located on what storage
      • Encrypting physical hard drives
      • Preventing the execution of malicious code
      • Providing organizations with the ability to enable data loss prevention policies
      • Internally testing for vulnerabilities

To learn more about how to protect your data in the cloud, contact the team from TecFac today. Our IT experts can help you protect the vital information for your business.