Uncomfortable But Necessary: Updating Processes by Utilizing Technology

I can’t even remember a time before I used DropBox; what did I do! And for that matter, a time before using email and smart phones. Years ago I worked for a commercial real estate firm. I was assisting in a property management take over of several prominent buildings. These were some of the largest and filled buildings in downtown Tulsa, OK. Regardless of their grandeur, during the turn over I came to realize the processes these buildings and property managers were using were not only beyond archaic but were entirely inefficient and counter productive.
Part of my job was to come alongside and develop processes more in tune with the technology of the day, such as no longer categorizing tenants using a card rolodex. (This was over 5 years ago but still. I am not kidding.) We saw improvements. We were no longer making tons of copies and more easily accessing information previously difficult to retrieve. We collected on long outstanding receivables. In every area I saw an improvement as technology was incorporated in managing these properties.
It was difficult to implement such a change. A couple jobs became eliminated and inconsequential as processes that previously took hours could be downsized to seconds. This was hard to swallow for many. Many who had held these positions for decades found it difficult to do processes a different way. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable. However, it can be well worth it to get through short-term uncomfortability for huge and beneficial results.
In switching to using up to date technology rather than continuing in what had been done manually for years, the company and the services that were provided became better. It was a helpful, productive and cost-effective switch not because the processes and technology were now cutting edge nor because we were beating the competition with the advance in technology but because of the improvement it made to doing business. Improvements that could be measured in every way.
As you budget and consider the year ahead, think of the processes you have in place that seem like they could be done better. They probably can. They probably have an app for that.
If you need some outside eyes to comb through your processes and technology and give you some ideas in the coming year, consider utilizing our CIO Advisory, consulting and training services. Our team members are subject matter experts in advancing technologies such as Lync, Act! Databases, Bill.com and Office 365 that can enhance and help you do business better. Do you need help moving your infrastructure to a cloud based solution? Do you need a project management system or applications to enhance programs you are already using? Let us know. That’s what we do. We help facilitate your technology.
Anna Saah is not only our CFO but she is also a licensed therapist. She is a firm believer that most things can always be done better. All in all, please don’t use a card Rolodex when the options for doing things better are everywhere. If you need any help developing, implementing or facilitating your technology contact us at 888.983.2322.