Telecommuting with Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the ultimate phone system for telecommuting for several reasons.

Unified Communications

Skype for Business is a single application from which you can Instant Message, Voice Call, Video Call, Conference Call, host a live Meeting, Screen Share, and Live Collaborate. In most enterprises, these are fragmented solutions that don’t integrate with each other at all. Typically you have an IM application, a phone system, a video conferencing solution, conferencing bridge, and a GoToMeeting type solution, and in most cases not all users will have access to use all these. Because all these forms of communication are in one tool, you can initiate an IM conversation that can then move from a phone call, to a video call, to adding more users and making a conference call, to sharing out content and collaborating on documents. This process of moving from one form of communication is seamless and easy all within one application. Another solution that some companies has introduced is the idea of ringless voicemail drops where audio can be sent to your client or staff without their phone having to ring. The file gets placed in their inbox and can be opened at their own convenience.

Communicating on All Devices

Furthermore, what makes all these perfect for a telecommuter is that they can all be used from any device, anywhere you have internet. The Skype for Business application works on desktops, laptops, tablets, as well as mobile devices and doesn’t require a large amount of bandwidth to have crystal clear phone and video calls. Whether you are using a home internet circuit, a hotel or public Wi-Fi, or even LTE cellular signal, you can have flawless experiences using Skype to make phone calls, conference calls, or even high definition video conference calls. Whether you are at home, in your car, or at hotel, you have full access to all these forms of communication on any device you happen to be using.


Presence is also a form of communication used in Skype for Business that is totally automatic within the Skype for Business application and gives users transparency into the availability of users who aren’t in the same physical location. As a telecommuter, you can quickly see who is at their desk, who is away from their desk, who is on calls, in meetings, or even off work. Presence almost entirely eliminates phone tag and internal voicemail since any user from any location can quickly see who is available to communicate and who is not. If you see someone is on a conference call, you can make a strong assumption they won’t take your call, so in this case, you can then attempt another form of communication via IM or email. Presence allows users to have the feeling of being in the same office from different locations.
If you’d like to learn more about Skype for Business, email me at [email protected].
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