Announcement for the New Podio Calendar

Podio recently released an update to the new Podio calendar feature.  The calendar now has three views, daily, weekly and monthly, as well as an additional setting for you to decide which items you would like to be visible on your calendar.
Our team uses Podio daily to collaborate internally and with our clients.  Having this new calendar view now gives us an opportunity to quickly and easily see upcoming events for the projects we are involved in.

Repost from Podio’s Blog

Today we’re releasing a more flexible Podio calendar to give you more ways to visualize your upcoming meetings, project deadlines and everything else you organize and track with your Podio apps.
You can check out how the new calendar works in Podio now (or by signing up free if you don’t already have an account).

Views and personalization

The new calendar gives you three ways to view events, along with four levels of personalization.
You can choose to display your calendar in single day, week or month view – but the most useful feature of the calendar is the option to customize which app items you’re shown there.
In the top-right corner of your calendar, click the small wrench icon and in the settings menu you’ll get the options to show:

  • Items directly involving you (e.g., meetings that you’ve been invited to)
  • Items involving and related to you (e.g., meetings you’re invited to and app items like projects and sales leads that you’re referenced on in a Contact field)
  • Items you’re following (e.g., everything you have been referenced on, interacted with or manually chosen to follow)
  • All date-related app items in all the workspaces that you’re a member of

Personalizing your calendar this way enables you to quickly choose between viewing your schedule and your team’s.

Personal, workspace and app calendars

It’s not only your personal calendar that’s new – workspace calendars and the calendar layout option in your apps can now be viewed in a single day, week and month view, too. It’s a big improvement for getting an overview of deadlines, publishing dates, follow-up calls and more.

Push to Google, Outlook via Microsoft Exchange and OS X Calendar

You can push your personal Podio calendar to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar via Microsoft Exchange and any calendar using OS X Calendar.
The items that will be pushed from Podio to an external calendar are the same as those you view in Podio. So, when personalizing your calendar, you’ll most likely want to choose just items involving you, or items involving and related to you – in order to not fill your external calendars with your team’s work.
You will find the option to set this up in the settings menu (the wrench icon) as well. And, you can find out more about using external calendar services with Podio in the Help Centre.

And one more thing…

When looking at a calendar in week or month view, you can now get a preview of an app item by clicking it, with the option to proceed to the full item.
We hope these improvements to the calendar are a big help in your day-to-day work. As always, we’d love to know how it works for you.