Change Is Going To Cost You

We just finished an assessment for a client and advised them in how to get where they wanted to be as a business and how to fix the long-time problems they had been experiencing with employees and processes. After the report was presented they realized change was coming. Things might be better. Change was also going to cost something. The executives asked us to send a proposal for the work and projects that needed to be done based on our assessment. They added, could you send us a two level proposal: one price for absolutely everything and one for a bit less.
Our Founder refused. He said that that is like being sick for a long time and going to the doctor:
The doctor saying, “Well, you are sick but here’s an antibiotic to cure you – it’s $50 and you’ll take it for 10 days.”
And you saying, “Well, Doc is there a cheaper option?”
He responds, “I mean you can get 5 days’ worth for $25, but you won’t get better.”
Aren’t we doing this everyday with change?
We want to change but not fully.
Or rather, we want the results without the effort, the cost, and the endurance.
We want to be in shape, but only if we can do it in 10 days.
We want to get out of debt, but not if we have to reduce our expenses.
Do we really want alleviation from the things that ail us?
Do we want those pain points to not just be addressed but to be eliminated? Or better yet, to be thriving parts of our business?
Or do we want to not spend money?
Because we cannot have both.
Earlier this week I was writing how I can’t be both the person who answers the phone every time it rings AND the person who is always fully present. It has to be one or the other.
What do I want to be? What do I value most?
Change is a process, sometimes a long or even costly process. If it is deemed worthwhile and beneficial change then it can be a priceless and most valuable endeavor.
So ask yourself this question again:

  1. Do I want this change?
  2. If the answer is still yes, ask yourself – what am I willing to do to achieve this change?

If this is a business venture, continue to remind your decision makers of what they are wanting and asking for. It’s going to come with a price. A change in thinking, environment, value or process comes with time and sometimes, money, yet in the end it comes with the desired result.
So, do you want the desired result?
Get going. Get reminding. Get budgeting. Get asking for help. Get changing!