Protocol and Professionalism in a Telecommuting Environment | Initiation and Response

Since telecommuting has become a standard and expectation in business, a new model for being an excellent and professional employee and co-worker has emerged. Though peers cannot collaborate in person it becomes vital for co-workers to continue to communicate and build off of the synergy, strengths, ideas and creativity that only collaboration with others can bring.
To help function in this telecommuting environment, our company uses a platform called PODIO, which they define as a “freemium cloud-based collaboration service” that we at TecFac have found to be revolutionary in how we do business in every way. Our founder and CEO, Chris Saah, came across this and implemented it, nearly seamlessly, both internally and with our clients and we have not looked back.
More than anything else, communication is one of the main components that creates professionalism. In a telecommuting environment it is vital that one communicates by initiation and response. Even when it is not asked of us to do so, it is highly important in a telecommuting environment to initiate communication. Of course, there is always a reasonableness in the information that is disclosed. Too much information is inappropriate, as is to little. It is always important to be cautious when self-disclosing as well.
I’ll use an example from within our telecommuting office. At TecFac we each start each day by sharing on our PODIO feed network, a check-in stating that we have begun working and the items we are seeking to accomplishing today. Basically we post a status. This helps us several ways. First, we know we are not alone. From the statuses, I know that those I work with will also be in some meetings with me. I know we all woke up today and I feel energized that others, and not just me working alone at home, and are contributing to our company goals. I am also aware of what goals and tasks my co-workers are working on. Knowing this information is paramount to us being successful. I could be working on a task all day long independently and perhaps my co-worker has some information that I don’t even know I need that could help me to be more productive. Because I initiated the information, collaboration was able to take place.
The feed also gives an arena for specifically asking for feedback. Keeping up with the information that is being communicated, and responding to it is also crucial in creating and connecting with co-workers. When my co-worker writes “have a great weekend”, I may respond with “what are you doing this weekend?” Or when my co-worker reports that a contract we have been working on is approved, all of the team members rejoice with them and give kudos. In not only initiating communication but by responding to it that we enhance our team. We all reap the benefits of holistic communication both professionally and personally.
Anna Saah is not only our CFO but she is also a licensed therapist. If you would like to have our team conduct a training for you on communication or any other training topic or if we can help facilitate your technology in any way contact us at [email protected] or 888.983.2322.