Big Businesses Move to Remote Working in Light of Coronavirus

After talking to a dear friend of ours in China about how he and his family are doing with the concerns and spread of the Coronavirus, we learned that his company and many others are trying to strategize how to have all employees work from home. Remote working in light of coronavirus seems like a wise strategy in affected regions.

Bloomberg News reported last week that, “Starbucks Corp., KFC, Pizza Hut and office-sharing company WeWork are shutting locations in China, while Facebook Inc., Nissan Motor Co. and other companies enact measures to shield employees in areas hardest hit by a deadly viral outbreak.

WeWork said Tuesday it is temporarily closing 55 offices across China and encouraging employees to work from home or in private rooms. Global banks from Credit Suisse Group to Morgan Stanley are telling Hong Kong staff to work from home for two weeks. Facebook employees based in China, and those who recently returned from trips to the country, are also being told to work from home, people familiar with the matter said.” 

With big businesses moving to remote working in light of Coronavirus and other sure to follow suit, that begs the question; is your company ready to quickly move your workforce to telecommuting? Our offering of cloud-based personal productivity tools can help. Within TecFac, half of our workforce works solely from home all across the country. Leveraging our 20 years of experience we can strategize with you to move your company to a place that working remotely is not a far stretch if employees were unable to come into the office for safety and health reasons. It is critical that a plan is in place for remote work to happen.

Crises like the coronavirus that affect us on a global scale, as well as broader trends in how business is conducted across the world, show the importance of adapting companies to be telecommuting ready. With greater connectivity online than ever before, and a multitude of products and software that help streamline the process, now is a wise-time to get your company ready to adapt when need be.

TecFac is here to help you through the process, ensuring productivity isn’t hurt by making your company telecommuting ready.

We take care of your technology so you can take care of your business. Contact the Team at TecFac today to schedule a consultation.

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