What Are Managed Services?

Information technology is an essential element in operating an efficient and successful business in today’s markets. With an increasing amount of business connectivity and transactions taking place online, companies that fail to capitalize on the digital movement may find their bottom line suffering. However, for companies without a primary focus on IT, the options available can create a disconnect between your business needs and those responsible for keeping your team on the technological forefront.

What Are the Existing Problems?

For companies that are seeking IT services, traditionally there are two options: outsource the work to an IT firm or bring on a full time in-house IT division to manage your technological needs. Each solution comes with its own downsides. Contracted IT companies may specialize in one particular itil v4 aspect, such as security, while another may specialize in communication technology. What this means for you as a business owner is time and money spent shopping a variety of services, and contracting our separate part of your collective business needs to different IT firms. The cohesion and efficiency of your technological services may suffer in the process as the contractors are not working in tandem to deliver you one integrated IT system. Bringing on an in-house IT team does fix these issues of separated services but also presents its own issues for your company. Employing an in-house IT team can be a highly expensive endeavor and salaries. While this may be feasible for some business, the fact remains that often you pay for the entire suite of IT services, even those you don’t need.

What Makes TecFac’s Managed Services Different?

As a veteran company of the IT industry, TecFac observed the issues and built a solution that prioritizes the needs, budget, and success of the customer. We take the scalability and cost-efficiency of contracting and combine it with the comprehensive and collaborative nature of an in-house IT service. Instead of entrusting vital portions of our services to other contractors, we can complete a full suite of IT tasks for our clients, from proactive monitoring of technological systems to full scalability in the instance of your business upsizing or downsizing. Another crucial aspect that sets out the managed services approach apart is our embrace of collaboration with our clients. We believe each business should be able to thrive within its own brand and needs for growth, so we work hand-in-hand with your company to select which IT services are necessary for your company. This helps to ensure you’re only paying for the services that you actually need. Our belief in collaboration does not end there. The team at TecFac believe that any sustainable and effective IT services should be preceded by in-depth training for those that will be utilizing them. We provide your team with extensive training on how to protect sensitive data and work efficiently with the market’s cutting-edge software.

Ultimately, the goal of managed services is to allow your business to focus time and resources on the core of your business. We take ownership of IT services while creating a collaborative environment that allows us to intimately understand your IT needs. TecFac has over 20 years of creating IT solutions at the forefront of progress. Contact us for a consultation and see how managed services can help revolutionize your business.

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