TecFac Announces Partnership with Bespoke Real Estate Advisors

TecFac Announces Partnership with Bespoke Real Estate Advisors; Welcomes Kirk White as Strategic Consultant

(REALCOMM 2018 – LAS VEGAS) – TecFac Business Services Group, Inc. announced today that Kirk White will be joining its strategic consulting team and that it is partnering with Bespoke Real Estate Advisors to provide technology strategy, managed services, and cloud services to its clients and associates.

“Given our history of providing technology consulting and services to the real estate industry and our long association with Rob, Kirk, and others in the Bespoke network, we are excited about joining forces again to offer game-changing strategy and innovation to Bespoke clients,” said Chris Saah, Founder, and Chief Strategist at TecFac. “Both Bespoke and TecFac creatively tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, so the partnership is a natural fit for us.”

Robert Baguley, Bespoke Real Estate Advisors Founder, and CEO echoed the sentiment. “Innovation – both technological and organizational – is the core of all the services we provide to our clients. Agility and efficiency are keys to success in a rapidly changing industry. We believe we can leverage TecFac’s decades of industry-specific experience to support the operations and projects of our clients as well as our own. Our unique business model of collaborative associated demands cutting-edge technology.”

Kirk White, Bespoke CIO and General Counsel see an abundant opportunity for synergy on behalf of TecFac and Bespoke client. “Chris and I have worked together before to create an integrated IT service delivery model out of disparate organizations formed through merger and acquisition. With technology becoming increasingly ubiquitous within organizations, and the need for interdisciplinary solutions critical to success, these partnerships announced today will offer great benefit to our clients. I am very pleased with my association with both organizations and look forward to what we can accomplish together.”

About TecFac Business Services Group

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TecFac Business Services Group, Inc. is a full-service technology provider offering managed services, cloud services, and CIO strategic consulting to the commercial real estate industry since 2001. Focused on providing strategic, holistic, and proactive solutions with high-touch customer service, TecFac leverages its global partnerships and decades of experience to accelerate the delivery of innovation with the industry.

About Bespoke Real Estate Advisors

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Bespoke Real Estate Advisors, LLC. is a full-service commercial real estate services firm that specializes in the delivery of integrated, high-level solutions through a virtual network of collaborative specialists who transcend geographical boundaries and corporate mandates. Bespoke has more than 30 team partners and presence that extend throughout the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific, and E.M.E.A. For more information, visit www.bespokerea.com.

About Kirk White

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Kirk White is Chief Information Officer and Corporate Counsel to Bespoke Real Estate Advisors as well as a Strategic Consultant with TecFac. He is former COO of GEMSA and former CIO at Transwestern. He is also a practicing attorney. His inter-disciplinary experience gives him a unique vantage point as an organizational leader especially as it relates to the merger, acquisitions, and organizational development.

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