What is Cloud File Storage Nirvana for Business?

There are numerous cloud-based file storage solutions on the market today. Most are focused on consumers, with only a few offering features that enterprises and small businesses would need to move their file storage and sharing to the cloud. TecFac recently compared and tested a few of these solutions to aid our clients in their decision making process. We came up with a list of features that the “perfect” solution would need to have in order to achieve cloud storage Nirvana. The solution should be able to completely replace legacy file servers and other methods of file storage currently being used in most businesses today, and include the following features:

  • “On-Demand” sync for desktop clients (files are downloaded and opened as requested)
  • File “placeholders” (the ability to see files that you have access to but are not currently synced)
  • Robust desktop, web, and mobile clients/access (including native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Concurrent and collaborative file editing (like Google docs or Office 365 web editors)
  • File locking (to prevent version conflicts)
  • Easy data migration (native or 3rd party tools to assist with relocating large amounts of data)
  • Unlimited file versioning (to allow users to easily recover previous versions)
  • Deleted file retention that is adjustable based on business needs (to prevent data loss by accidental or malicious deletions)
  • Ability to store individual files with large sizes >25 GB
  • Few or no file type limitations
  • Unlimited storage
  • Ability to delegate folder management to non IT members (to empower employees and reduce IT workload)
  • File encryption at rest and in transit (for robust security)
  • Mobile and desktop remote management (remote wipe and mobile device management)
  • Granular reporting capabilities
  • Active Directory synchronization and Single Sign-On capabilities (ADFS and other identity provider integration)
  • Easy file Sharing internally and externally
  • The ability to create and manage accounts for 3rd parties (to increase collaboration and maintain auditing and security capabilities)
  • E-mail notification capability for file uploads and downloads
  • Customizable look and feel to comply with corporate branding strategies (ability to add logos, colors, etc.)

Have We Reached File Storage Nirvana?

While no one solution currently meets all of these criteria, one has risen above the rest to come close to offering many of these essential features within one service package. Egnyte offers advanced storage capabilities, offering the compression and movement of large files with no file type limitations. Additionally, its security and administrative features are incredibly robust, allowing for pin-point precision when adjusting access permissions. Egnyte is the next best thing to full file storage nirvana.

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