With Microsoft Lync, Starbucks is the Only Office You Need

In Chris Reed’s post entitled, 5 Reasons Why Starbucks Is the Only Office You Need, his experience and the conclusions that he comes to are a growing trend. I myself have lately tried to work at least half a day at a coffee shop. And like Reed, I too have found this venue to help increase my productivity. Reed reveals in his article that many studies have shown that “productivity increases with Café atmosphere.”
Reed goes on to depict his coffee shop office schedule, “One day last week I had 7 meetings and none of them took place at my co-working space in Cecil Street, the heart of Singapore’s CBD. They took place in 3 different Starbucks, a Gloria Jeans, a Coffee Bean, a Spinelli’s and a Pacific Coffee. All had fast wi-fi, great seating, great green teas and a very positive energetic atmosphere.”
Does Reed use Microsoft Lync?
Chris Reed is right, if I have WiFi what can’t I do. I can’t help but wonder, does Reed use Microsoft Lync? The scenario he describes, of getting rid of office spaces and desks begs the question, what about communication? What about collaboration with my co-workers? Reed says, “get rid of them all and move your filing into the cloud and no one would notice any difference but everyone would be a lot more engaging with colleagues, more productive and could work from anywhere.” Will everyone just using their cell phone to do business? How will we know who is ‘in’ the office and free to collaborate and meet in the company?
I use TecFac’s TeamWorkAnyWhere solution. My business phone, conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, presence and email can all be accesses from my laptop and mobile device, whether I’m at my home office or in a coffee shop or in my car. I can see the availability status of my coworkers and pull them into meetings even though we are in different states or offices or coffee shops. The TeamWorkAnyWhere leverages the power of the Microsoft Cloud to offer a comprehensive cloud-based communication platform for our team and for doing business anywhere.
Eliminating Costs
Reed goes on in his post to say that eliminating an office can eliminate unnecessary overhead costs and again he is right. The TeamWorkAnyWhere solution can eliminate capital expenditure for these essential IT services because it’s cloud-based. So no more servers in your closet, no more telephone lines at your office, no more separate conference calling services and with this being the case, is there really a need for a true office space?
Reed talks about the value and productivity added to his business by being able to work outside an office. In today’s mobile and on-the-go rhythm, it seems vital to be able to do exactly what Reed describes.
Well, I’m off to Starbucks, I have reports to finish and people to call before this weekend begins.
TeamWorkAnyWhere combines Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Lync and Enterprise Voice to provide a communication solution which has all of the integration of an on-premise solution with none of the costs and overhead. Want to learn more? Contact our Founder, Chris Saah, at 301.960.0495.

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